User Style Sheets Notes

This is a rough collection of notes for now. Please let me know of additional information that might be useful to include here.

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TAdER Reseach

User Style Sheet Study

This study explored how advanced users customize text in user style sheets. It gathered user style sheets designed to improve readability and analyzed which aspects of text display was customized in the style sheet, and to what settings (for example, which font-family). 203 USS were collected from 25 users. (Some users created different USS for specific websites.) 23 USS from 14 users were included in the detailed analysis. Results of this study are published in:
Henry, Shawn Lawton. (2012) CSS for Readability: Analysis of user style sheets to inform understanding users' text customization needs. In Proceedings of the W3C WAI Symposium on Text Customization for Readability. Henry, S.L. and Sloan, D. (Eds.). Available at

User Research Survey

In a User Research Survey on Changing Text Display for Easier Reading, 14 respondents checked "I have a user style sheet that changes the way my web browser displays text."

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chrome style sheet support

chrome themes

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