Text Customization Challenges

High Contrast in Adobe Reader for PDF

"The high-contrast tool in Reader has a limitation, and that is it changes the text color and the primary page background color only. There's so much going on in a PDF document that developing a heuristic to determine what page objects are playing the role of background colored objects with text in front and similarly for text what the color of its background is. This is the same problem that Apple solved by just implementing an invert option and Windows solved by removing many background areas in high contrast mode. So it isn't a great solution and I'm talking with the team about it. What happens is that when you create a page and add a black background to the page and use white text, the high contrast feature makes the white primary page background black (or whatever color you've set), the text from white to black (again, based on settings) and the black background doesn't change. The result is black text on a black background. Ugh." — Andrew Kirkpatrick 23 May 2014 e-mail

Limitations of User Style Sheets and Other Issues

Silas S. Brown 7 Nov 2012 e-mail provides details on:

  1. Support sites whose Javascript makes assumptions about the positioning of page elements.
  2. Support sites that severely blur the separation between style and content.
  3. Reducing the need for horizontal scrolling in wide table-based layouts.
  4. Allow a browser's "find in page" feature to search the ALT text of images.
  5. Customisation of the "pop-up" text that can appear with the TITLE= attribute.
  6. Allow user style sheets to be switched with one click.


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