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Would you help developers understand the need to customize text for readability? We need your help if you have:

Raising awareness

For about 10 years Shawn has encouraged the accessibility managers of a leading tool development company to include sufficient text customization functionality in their products. At CSUN 2012 the current manager said that he has heard from only two people of this need to format text — implying that it is not an issue for anyone else.

We need to better communicate requirements for text customization functionality!

How you can help

For your user experience story

For this project I am focusing on readability, that is, reading a lot of text. I am not generally addressing other issues such as interacting with forms. (I am especially interested in sharing how people need to customize the leading/line-spacing and customize by styles/elements, e.g., making headings different from main text.)

You can share your story with your name, or anonymously.
You can write it up yourself, or we can talk on the phone and I'll draft it for your approval.

You can include:

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